My role:

Front end Developer and UX Designer

Materials used:

Sketch illustrator XD
html css JS


Analist is a social platform that will assist anime lovers track of what shows and movies they already have seen, see reviews from other users, and help keep track of the user had watched before. Even though there are a couple of apps and website that have methods to list the current animes as well the ability to see what you have seen. I want to make this to have interfaces was easy to use, the user experience will be thoughtless, and have the ability to use it on any device with no worries.

User flow

Figuring out the site flow will work and figuring out what needs more confirminations

userflow for analist


The blueprints for the browers and mobile devices.

wireframe for analist


The visual idea on how the site will look like

Prototype 1 for analist


iphone-x logo of analist character
logo on  iphonex website on size 1920px
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